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A Year Since – Jagriti Yatra

This time last year, I was busy packing for what turned out to be an awesome journey in my life. My excitement to meet those awesome people who were just known through social media was indescribable. OMG, It’s been a year since YATRA. Yes, I am talking about Jagriti Yatra only. If you have no idea about it, you should probably refer the below link. If you are someone who is about to go on yatra, better avoid it. It would be like a spoiler to your favourite movie, Better to keep the excitement on.

My Yatra Series ->

Every Time I think of yatra, I just feels like a dream. It was an awesome amazing journey and It will be one of my best memories cherished forever. – Gokoulane Ravi

This journey made a huge shift on my perceptions towards people and certain aspects of life. Few of my friends even complain than I had become bit more serious person post yatra. It really turned out to be Inspirational and Motivational journey. I could go on and on about yatra as it had made a significant impact in my life. Either it be my birthday or a flood it my city, I got yatris all around the country to call and wish for my wellbeing. I am even lucky to have few yatris from other states visiting my home during their stay at Chennai.

There are few things of mine which make me feel nostalgic about the yatra. So, I thought to share those souvenirs with you.


My Yatra ID Card, At times I feel it hard earned than my marathon medals.

Golden Momento for all those Golden Moments

Golden Momento,  for all those Golden Moments

A small Budha statue - Bought it from a small novelty shop at the Ruins Of Nalanda. One of the few things I bought during the Yatra.

A small Buddha statue – Bought it from a small novelty shop at the Ruins Of Nalanda. One of the very few things I bought during the Yatra.

Such a sweet note from my Facilitator Mr. Dinesh.

Such a sweet note from my Facilitator Mr. Dinesh.

Midnight Hindi lessons from my dear friend and cohort mate Sushil.

How could I ever forget those midnight Hindi lessons from my dear friend and cohort mate Sushil.

Values - A gift from my buddy Jai from Gandhi Museum, Ahmedabad

Values – A gift from my buddy Jai from Gandhi Museum, Ahmedabad

A parting note from Manikandan, Though from Kerala, he sings awesome tamil songs.

RosaPoo Chinna RosaPoo – A parting note from Manikandan. Though from Kerala, he sings awesome tamil songs.

Yet another awesome note, This time it's from CEO Charen, Our gang's official photographer and a multitalented personality.

Yet another awesome note. This time it’s from CEO Charen, Our gang’s official photographer and a multitalented personality.

Someone gave me the heart-in on the last day and I bought myself that personalized key chain from mumbai.

Someone gave me the heart-in on the last day of the yatra, I bought myself that personalized key chain from mumbai.

I know there will be moments in my life which might make my spirits go low. But, I hope these things would keep me inspired and motivated enough.

5 Things Learned From My Sister’s Wedding

I can call it procrastination, writer’s block, lack of time and whatnot. But, I am pulling myself again to write this blog post, Self motivation works.

There is a saying in Tamil, “Kalyanam Panni Paar , Veedu katti Paar” which literally translates to “Build a house, Organize a Wedding”. Now I understand the significance of those words, because those both would teach you lots of lessons on people and money. I have no experience in building a house and also have no idea if an experience in getting a house loan counts. One and a half month ago my sister got married and that was an incredible experience which taught me quite a lot. I am just wishing to share few of those through this post.

  1. Shopping Frustration:
    To confess, this is the least favourite part for me in this marriage. I never enjoyed shopping for clothes, so felt kinda burdened while shopping with my mom and my sis. With neither sense for fashion nor taste for colours, it gets difficult when asked for suggestions. It’s not an easy talk to convince both my mom and sis, they would look at 1000 to pick one. I pity the sales persons in those shops, they stand all day and even work harder to convince customers like my mom and sis to buy. Most of my shopping time, I end up standing, holding bags and observe the art of selling. Least I could do well was take care of payments and accounts.
    Lesson: Patience, lots of patience.

  2. Date (Fate) Determination:
    To be clear, this one is not about the date in which a guy and a girl go out together, but the one which is on the calendar. It’s not just the marriage date, but every other date associated with the event. Sincere thanks to Panjangam or age old Practices or whatever they call it. Everything to be done has got some specific so called good date and time to execute. Starting from buying wedding Saree to selecting the wedding invitation, everything involved a good date and a good time. The worst part is most of it lies on week day and in my work hours, god damn, why couldn’t they do it whenever it’s convenient, someone explain pls. Thankfully, my flexible working hours rescued at times. I could digest every other thing, but fixing time for the wedding night is bit too much. I pity the bride and the groom who has to wait for the right time 😀
    Lesson: Never question someone’s faith.

  3. Invitation Distribution:
    This is one mammoth task, It’s the most time consuming next to my sister’s shopping.
    How could I ever forget that epic trip. We actually planned to visit some 30 relation’s residents in and around pondicherry and cuddalore to invite them. So we hired a call taxi and started from our home by 5 am and returned home 1 am the next day after visiting around 60 relation’s residents and inviting them. It’s all cos of out improper planning, only on our way we realized that we didn’t cover FEW in our list and started covering their residents too. I advised my parents to cover those houses some other day, but they were determined to complete on a go. Though the driver was tired and frustrated with this, he was polite to us, should thank him for that.
    I also had a great time visiting my friends houses and inviting them. My bad, I did miss to invite few of them and they are gracious to accept my invitation over phone or WhatsApp. One best friend even came all the way to my office to collect the invitation.
    Lesson: Prepare a list and plan accordingly. Start distributing invitation well in advance, so that they have enough time to plan to attend the wedding and you have enough time to invite all you need to.

  4. Relation(ship) Confusion
    I can’t complain about few of my relatives, cos I left it to them, complaining is solely their department. “This is not good”, “You would have done it this way”, “What color is that”, “You didn’t respect me”, “You didn’t properly invite me”, “There is No AC”, etc. They could keep on complaining all long and at times it’s really frustrating to hear them. Now let me come to the confusion part. I have no idea about most of the relatives.  It’s really embarrassing when they know about my education, work, etc. and I don’t even know their name. I some how managed the situation but answering their question and with my smile when I don’t know an answer. They all end up the conversation with one frustrating dialogue, “Next is You”, Yes, obviously it’s me.  But the bright part is, few close relatives helped a lot throughout the marriage and my sincere thanks to them.
    Lesson: Relatives. a necessary evil.

  5. Friendship Admiration
    I’m so happy that few of my friends came for the marriage in spite of the distance. I have decide to forgive those who came up with reasons rather than turning up for the marriage. Hope, at least they turn up for mine. It’s not only my friends, My sister’s besties stayed there to help her out. My dad’s friends are awesome too, they helped us all the way. Some of his friends didn’t even bother to sleep on the floor, while some of my relatives were complaining about no AC in their rooms. I was overwhelmed when most of our neighbours turned up for the marriage and few helped mom with lots of small functions that held at home during the marriage. I could surely say, no of friends outnumbered the no of relatives at the marriage. I thank them all for helping us.
    Leason: A true friend is someone who is there for you when he’d rather be anywhere else. 

I dedicate this post to the recently wed, my sister Janani and her husband Mr. Sabarinathan, wish the couple an awesome married life ahead.