Bye 2015 Hi 2016

Hey 2015,
I couldn’t forget the way you started. In Yatra Express, somewhere between Orissa and Bihar. The bogie became our dance floor and we danced to glory. No new year eve have ever been like this. You have been an eventful year for me. To highlight it’s Jagriti Yatra, completing my MBA, my 1st flight, my sister’s marriage, Goa Coorg trip and my 100th blog post. Even career wise you have been great to me. You gave me all strength come to out of my comfort zone and diversify from being a software developer. I thought you would end up smooth, but you had your own twist don’t you, The Chennai Floods. Though it’s a disaster and shouldn’t have happened, It turned out to be a great lesson for me and all of us. It brought us together and humanity out of us. Thank You 2015, for being a great year. For filing my life with awesome memorable moments and experience. For bringing in awesome people into my life.

Hello 2016,
As usual, I am not expecting much from you and no resolutions too. I know that’s a great relief to both of us. Just planning to be more focused in few aspects, hope you will render your support. Wishing to be a happy soul as ever. Do spread smiles, happiness, love and peace. Looking forward for an awesome time together. Lets rock together.

Wish all my readers an awesome year ahead and a very happy new year 🙂

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