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The One Who Ignored

Incident 1:
It was a usual Monday at work and definitely not an exciting day. I usually have lunch with a group of friends and this day is no different and usual conversations continued.

Me: I went to this Wild Tribe Ranch in ECR last Friday eve and it was awesome.
Friend: What’s that?
Me: It’s an adventure park, you must try it.
Friend: How much did it cost you?
Me: I didn’t pay, they had their pre-inaugural event that day and I was invited.
Friend: How come they invited you?
Me: I am part of this Chennai Bloggers Club, and such establishments collaborate with them for brand promotion.
Friend: Is there a shortage of bloggers in Chennai?
Me: No, There are plenty. (Innocently)

It might have taken me some time to understand his mockery. But, at the same time I was wondering how many posts of mine he might have read, probably none.

Incident 2:
My office was sponsoring its employees to run in Chennai Marathon.

Friend1: Last time you were volunteering na so, this time, you better sign up at least for a 10Km run.
Me: I think I’ll give it a try.
Colleague: You!! Run? You look like a potato, and you would probably end up rolling all the way instead of running. (Laughing heavily)

This was probably because I was this fat, stout looking guy back then and he, a slim one. But now, I am pretty much the same fat, stout looking guy who can run and cycle a little longer than before.

All my life I had people around me who would look down upon me. Maybe it’s my looks or my attitude or their natural tendency or whatever, I am still clueless about it. At times, it’s from people close to me making it difficult for me to act indifferent. My greatest struggle is bypassing all those negativity that makes me feel inferior. Since my childhood, I had so many people around me telling me why I won’t and can’t do certain things. I know it’s the same case in most of our lives.

The only way for me to overcome struggle is to simply ignore them, if not the person, at least, their words. Nowadays, my weapon against them is my smile, my “good, thank you, now go and mind your own business” smile. They say “Ignorance is bliss”, but in my case “Ignoring is bliss”. Being optimistic has made a significant change in my life. I learnt to put these silly things behind me and concentrate on the things I like to do. I learnt to get inspired and motivated from even the tiniest of things. Be it a second faster than my previous run or a bot following my blog, those tiny things are motivating enough for me to cruise ahead. I have also developed a kind of aggressiveness within, not the fierce one like a shark, but like a duck. Yes, duck it is. I know it’s not a pretty animal to compare oneself with. A duck might look calm outside, gliding across the water, but, beneath the water, it relentlessly paddles its feet. That’s the kind of aggressiveness I am talking about.

I feel happy when someone comes up to me and tells me that they have started running or blogging inspired by me or something I had said. It feels like an achievement. Nothing adds more positivity than surrounding yourself with positive people. Thankfully, there is another kind of people in my life too, the ones who stand by me, help me through my tough times and support me. I am grateful to all those wonderful souls in my life.

My smiles keep the negativity miles away. I just want to be this happy soul.

 This entry is part of ‘I Struggled but Overcame’ contest organized by Chennai Bloggers Club(CBC).

And here is the link to the trailer of the book which contains our very own impressions of the CHENNAI FLOODS titled ” AFTER THE FLOODS

Kicking Fear At Wild Tribe Ranch

I recently got invited to the pre-inaugural event of Wild Tribe Ranch, an adventure park at ECR. Apart from hanging out with really cool people, these are some of the perks of being a part of an awesome group like The Chennai Bloggers Club. As the event was  to begin at 3.15pm, on a Friday no less, I had to escape early from my office which is located quite far from the event’s venue. Sincere thanks to my manager who granted me permission to get lost without asking for much reason.


We were welcomed with a drink and passed the time chitchatting with each other. Then there was a quick intro session about the place and their brand etc. I really liked their mascot, a monkey named “MicMac” which means “My Friend” in Native American tongue. It reminded me of a monkey character named “Rancho” from an age old DD series named “Raja our Rancho.” Probably Raja should have named it “Wild Tribe Rancho”. I know, I am thinking too much.

That happy me , Glasses Courtesy : Raji :)

That happy me , Glasses Courtesy : Raji 🙂

They have many adventurous activities and the 1st thing we tried was an obstacle course named “Devil’s Ramp” and I was the brave heart who volunteered to try it first, thanks to the encouragement given by my friends (Ippadi usupethi usupethiyae …). Definitely, it wasn’t as easy as it looks. I felt the adrenaline rush as I was crossing each and every obstacle. Thanks to my friends who were clicking pics, I could, at least, mask my fear with my smile. One good thing about the place is their safety policy which goes hand in hand with their slogan “Safety First, Fun Next.” Safety is being taken care of at each and every point, from safety sign boards at every corner to harness, ropes and helmet during the activities. Then, I spent some time taking bowling practice in their mini cricket pitch, where my short pitches and full tosses were blasted in all directions.

The next best part was playing paintball. I was so excited to play it for the very first time. I played it a couple of rounds. At first, I got shot in my leg, but thankfully I was wearing a thick jean which minimized the pain. But, I wasn’t lucky the next round as the paintball hit straight on my head and hurt me really bad. They should have probably named it pain ball instead of paintball.

It’s not only these, they also have other activities like road ATVs, Gyroscope, Billie the Bull and Ejection Bungie that would be enough to feed the adventurous beast inside you. I thoroughly enjoyed being there and will visit again for more fun.

If you dare for more adventure, Go and kick the fear at

Sincere thanks to Annan Jothi Vel Moorthi of and Somu Padmanabhan sir of for those lovely pics. Special thanks to Sindhu JP of for being our official selfie stick.

It all begins at home

I would better start this post by narrating a recent incident happened at my home.

It was a lazy Sunday and I was unusually at home. Late morning, my mom announced that my aunt i.e. my dad’s cousin sister and her family is visiting us today.  So, she gave me a list to get things from the market and I happily did it. Cos, vegetable and grocery shopping is the only shopping that I ever enjoyed since my childhood. Though the above fact is less reverent to the context, there is nothing wrong in knowing more about me. Mom cooked an awesome lunch for all of us, when it was about to be served, I saw the hall bit shabby and started to sweep it. My aunt got panicked and tried to get the broomstick from me. She said “How could you allow a man to sweep the floor” looking at my mom. My mom gave an epic reply “It’s his house and it’s his duty to clean. Nothing wrong men cleaning their house, your brother (my dad) would have done the same if he is at home”. Then my mom went on “He (me) wants to marry a working woman only and I don’t want my daughter in law doing all work complaining about my son sitting on the couch doing nothing. It’s right time he gets to learn and do all this work”. I couldn’t control my laugh, seeing my aunt’s confused and clueless reaction. This awesome woman, my mom has never failed to surprise and inspire me. I always wonder how she is this broad-minded, though being from a narrow social background.

They say Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus. But, fortunately, or, unfortunately, they both had to coexist on earth. As they both from a different planet, I strongly feel that they both deserve equal rights on earth. Sounds stupid and baseless? I know that. But today being International Women’s Day which insists on promoting equal rights, let’s talk Gender Equality seriously. The only reason I quoted above incident is to point the existence of gender stereotypes on one side and positive social transformation on the other.

I see no point when people just talk about feminism on and on but don’t even follow a bit at their homes. But, I feel few simple people like my mom, who’s least aware of all these jargons are actually the ones who is fuelling this social transformation. The only better way to sow good values into your son or daughter is to lead them by being a good example. You can’t expect your son to respect other women when you don’t treat your son and daughter equally at home. You can’t expect your son not to abuse other women when you abuse your own wife. Yes, society outside is pretty hard on women, but restricting them in the name of protection doesn’t help either. Better, be supportive to them in their initiatives and aspirations. What we sow is what we reap. Better sow equality at your home to reap a better society.

Wish my Mom, Sister, friends and all other great women who are part my life a happy International Women’s Day. This post is dedicated to you.