It all begins at home

I would better start this post by narrating a recent incident happened at my home.

It was a lazy Sunday and I was unusually at home. Late morning, my mom announced that my aunt i.e. my dad’s cousin sister and her family is visiting us today.  So, she gave me a list to get things from the market and I happily did it. Cos, vegetable and grocery shopping is the only shopping that I ever enjoyed since my childhood. Though the above fact is less reverent to the context, there is nothing wrong in knowing more about me. Mom cooked an awesome lunch for all of us, when it was about to be served, I saw the hall bit shabby and started to sweep it. My aunt got panicked and tried to get the broomstick from me. She said “How could you allow a man to sweep the floor” looking at my mom. My mom gave an epic reply “It’s his house and it’s his duty to clean. Nothing wrong men cleaning their house, your brother (my dad) would have done the same if he is at home”. Then my mom went on “He (me) wants to marry a working woman only and I don’t want my daughter in law doing all work complaining about my son sitting on the couch doing nothing. It’s right time he gets to learn and do all this work”. I couldn’t control my laugh, seeing my aunt’s confused and clueless reaction. This awesome woman, my mom has never failed to surprise and inspire me. I always wonder how she is this broad-minded, though being from a narrow social background.

They say Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus. But, fortunately, or, unfortunately, they both had to coexist on earth. As they both from a different planet, I strongly feel that they both deserve equal rights on earth. Sounds stupid and baseless? I know that. But today being International Women’s Day which insists on promoting equal rights, let’s talk Gender Equality seriously. The only reason I quoted above incident is to point the existence of gender stereotypes on one side and positive social transformation on the other.

I see no point when people just talk about feminism on and on but don’t even follow a bit at their homes. But, I feel few simple people like my mom, who’s least aware of all these jargons are actually the ones who is fuelling this social transformation. The only better way to sow good values into your son or daughter is to lead them by being a good example. You can’t expect your son to respect other women when you don’t treat your son and daughter equally at home. You can’t expect your son not to abuse other women when you abuse your own wife. Yes, society outside is pretty hard on women, but restricting them in the name of protection doesn’t help either. Better, be supportive to them in their initiatives and aspirations. What we sow is what we reap. Better sow equality at your home to reap a better society.

Wish my Mom, Sister, friends and all other great women who are part my life a happy International Women’s Day. This post is dedicated to you.


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