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A Musical Day

People who are close to me know well that I am such an ardent music listener, especially my colleagues who sit near me. Nothing would upset them as much as me singling out of blue. Music is something that would keep me happy, pacify me when I am down and keep me motivated. Enough of introductions, let’s come to the point. I can never say no to anything that has to do with music, that too when I was invited to visit a music school. There was no second thought, not even first thought, it was an instant yes from me.

It was like a trip, along with Bragadeesh Prasanna, Vidhya, Mahesh Lakshmanan and Sindhu JP, my blogging friends from Chennai Bloggers Club. We were also joined by Sai Vinai from Brand-comm, a PR agency. We started around 11 am after driven for 2 hours we reached Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music at Seekinankuppam village on ECR by 1 pm. We had our lunch at their cafeteria along with students and faculties. The students are too passionate that they were discussing music even while having food, which sounded greek and latin to me. Then we had a tour around the campus. The whole building was designed in the shape of a piano. We visited their classrooms and practice halls specially designated for piano, guitar, percussion, and vocals. They also had 2 big recital halls meant for events and lectures. One could notice most of the classrooms and practice rooms in the college are named after great musicians like Dr. Balamurali Krishna, Beethoven, Mozart, etc.

I have always dreamt of and still dreaming of learning music, hopefully, some day. But, at times I become lucky. It was the concluding day of their 5-day spring camp and I got a chance to attend Konnakol (vocal percussion) class by eminent Ghatam player Dr.karthik. The class was about basic talas (beats) and kaarvais (rhythmic rest). Though I was completely clueless about most of the things he said, I sat throughout the session and thoroughly enjoyed it. The class got concluded with an awesome extempore performance by the faculties which includes Mili Vizcaino for Vocals (Western), Sid Jacobs on the Guitar, Pablo Lapidusas on the Piano, Fabio Bergamini on Drums, Johann Berby on Bass Guitar, Sreyas Narayanun for Vocal (Indian Music), Dr.S.Karthick  on the Ghatam.

The best part of the day was listening to Dr. L. Shankar a violinist, singer, composer, and Grammy award winner . He is well known for his invention of the double violin. It was inspiring listening to his musical journey. Following are few of his words of wisdom.

  • Don’t express your view unless you are asked for.
  • Practice to make your music perfect; do not practice for a performance.
  • Do what you believe in, it I’ll take care of everything.
  • Don’t be around people who are negative to creativity, they are like poison.
  • What’s good to somebody is not good to somebody else.
  • The importance of breathing and not using drugs, to youth in general, to musicians in particular.

The day got concluded with a great performance by Just Fusion, a fusion band. On the way back we listened to all our favorite track. It made the day even more memorable.

Just fusion band, Playing.

Just fusion band, Playing.