The Liebster Award & 11 Random Facts About Me

First of all, I thank Janani Viswanathan of Jan’s Doodles for nominating me for The Liebster Award and It was a pure surprise. Nothing is more delightful for me than people reading my posts and it’s even more motivating to get nominated for such. Sorry for taking so long to put up this post on my blog, my procrastination is to be blamed.


So, What is the Liebster Award?
The Liebster Award is an award that exists only on the internet and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. The earliest case of the award goes as far back as 2011. Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

Liebster Award Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  2. Display the Liebster Award on your blog.
  3. Share 11 random facts about yourself.
  4. Answer the 11 questions you were asked.
  5. Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers for the Award and have them answer 11 questions.
  6. Let the other bloggers know you’ve nominated them.
  7. Copy the rules into your post.

11 Random facts about me

  1. My name spells unique is not cos of  numerology, but cos of a mistake.
  2. I was born in Pondicherry, but I don’t booze.
  3. I am an ardent A.R.Rahman fan since my childhood.
  4. I am a big foodie. Even talking about good food will brighten my eyes and put a huge smile on my face.
  5. I am not much of a sweet tooth person, but I love chocolates.
  6. I dislike dairy products. So, a big no to Milk, Cheese, Butter and all that.
  7. I love beaches, nothing feels like the touch of the sea waves on my feet.
  8. I have travelled 8000+ km across India continuously for 15 days by train.
  9. I love to read, my fav genres are crime, mystery and sci-fi.
  10. I love minions. I love to be like them imperfect, silly, happily smiling, food loving and do what I love to do.
  11. I love Bharathiyar poems. A Bharathiyar poem book gifted by my Tamizh teacher while I was in my 7th class is one of my most prized possession.

11 questions answered

1. If you could move to any part of the world right now, where would you go and why?
There are many places I would like to visit.

  • Japan to experience its people and culture
  • Venice and Sicily in Italy for its scenic beauty
  • Iceland for northern lights and some snow
  • Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia for some self-reflection
  • Costa Rica for beaches and mountains
  • Turkey and Morroco for their cross culture

But, like they say, “Sorgamae enralum athu nam oora pola varuma” (though it’s heven it doesnt feel good like my place), It’s always Chennai and Pondicherry where I could LIVE.

2. What’s your favourite season of the year? And why?
Monsoon. Cos it rains and I love rain.

3. Which three novels would you recommend to everybody you meet because you couldn’t put them down?

  • Once I though Harry Potter is for kids and I hated it, cos my friends loved it. But, once I started reading I couldn’t stop until I completed it.
  • Ponniyin Selvan, A must for someone who reads Tamizh.
  • The Kite Runner, It took me a couple of days to come out of that book after completing it. It’s an emotional rollercoaster.

4. What is your favourite way to recover from a long and bad day?
Some good food and music can calm me down.

5. Coffee, tea or…?
Both, but black.

6. Name one thing you taught yourself to do.
To smile, to smile at my failures, to smile while it pains, to smile at myself.

7. What’s the one thing on your bucket list that you absolutely have to do?
Go backpacking alone for a month.

8. Is there a teacher who taught you something that still sticks with you even now? If so, who’s the teacher and what was the lesson?
Yes, my librarian Mr. Kannan. He is the one who motivated me to read books and it still sticks with me.

9. If someone made a movie about you and your life, what genre would it be and why
Definitely comedy, SERIOUSLY speaking, I am a crazy funny person.

10. Is there something you love to do, although most people dislike it?
I love to sing, but unfortunately, I see people having a tough time with my musical skills.

11. What do you see in front of you right now?
My laptop, my office desk and a few toys on it.

Now, 11 people, I would like to nominate for the award.

The Nominees Are (oscar style)

  1. Dr. Sai Sriram – Random Ramblings
  2. Rajathilagam Velmurugan – ARATRIKA SPEAKS
  3. Vid Dev – The Pensieve
  4. Deepak Raghuraman – Namma Area
  5. Gowthama Rajavelu – Creatikaa
  6. Aditya Mantha – Blue Dendrite
  7. Thiyagarajan B – Aadhavum Appavum
  8. Shreya Sudesh – Verve
  9. Uma Muruganantham – WANNABE HUMANE
  10. Upma Singh – Travelling by heart and Author of life!
  11. Hetansh Desai – 50 Shades of Gujju

Dear Nominees,
I have read your posts, liked them and that’s the reason why I have nominated you for this award. I hope this award motivates you to write much more awesome posts. I hope you accept the award and write a post. It’s absolutely fine if the content of your blog doesn’t align with the award post or simply you don’t like to accept the award. Happy Blogging.

My 11 questions to you

  1. Who/What inspires you?
  2. Why do you blog?
  3. Do you have a favorite book – if so, which one?
  4. What do you value most in life?
  5. What does a normal day in your life look like?
  6. What’s your most favourite food?
  7. What’s the most memorable gift which you have ever received?
  8. What do you admire most about yourself?
  9. One favourite track that you like to listen on repeat and never get bored of it?
  10. What’s your dream travel destination?
  11. What’s your peace spot, the place you like to visit when you are down?

One bonus question, an optional one.

One thing that you like and dislike about me?


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