Embarrassed – Braced – Embraced


“Hey, can you help scrap some coconut for me, that’s the best way you can put your teeth to use”. I have heard many say this to me cos of my protruding teeth, some even had a nickname for me as Thenga Turuvi (Coconut Scraper). If you ask me if I am embarrassed about it, actually a big no. Scraping coconut is one of the few things I am really good at and even my mom would agree to the same. Some even ask me if I chew tobacco or do smoke cos of the hard stains on the tooth in my lower jaw. I did brush properly, but they being misaligned and crooked made it much more difficult. Again, I am not embarrassed about this either and I don’t feel embarrassed about anything that’s not an outcome of my conscience decision.  If you are wondering why the hell it’s in the title, it’s for no other reason than it rhymes with the next two words 😀 .

“I don’t feel embarrassed about anything that’s not an outcome of my conscience decision.”


I never intended to wear braces to correct my looks. One of my friends who’s a doctor saw me sleep with my mouth wide open and strongly advised me to have a check on it, as it might cause respiratory problems in the future. Then I consulted another doctor who advised me to see a dentist, as my teeth were obstructing my mouth from closing properly. I did consult a couple of dentists, they all recommended dental braces and it also required 4 of my teeth to be extracted. For a while, I was very skeptical about the teeth extraction and had a huge dilemma in proceeding further.  At the same time, my ex-colleague Mr. Balaji Rajashekar also encouraged me to wear dental braces, he even went ahead and recommended his dentist. I am mentioning his name cos his encouraging words played a major role in breaking the dilemma. But, somewhere I missed the confidence in going ahead. One big problem was most of these nearby dental clinic had a general dentist and not an Orthodontist, the one who specialized in the correction of malpositioned teeth and the jaws. After a bit of searching, I found Dr. Sanjay Jacob an Orthodontist who runs Dr. Jacobs Dentacare which is quite near to my home. When I consulted him, he said the same that the other doctors did. But he somehow gave me the confidence to get started.

It all started with tooth extraction and it was really a painful process. You don’t feel a thing when the teeth are extracted. But it slightly pains for the next couple of days and you can’t even eat the spicy food you like. The only comfort was the ice cream, which I must have after every extraction. I bet the clinic wouldn’t have seen such a notorious patient like me. When Dr. extracted my tooth, Instead of acting like being in extreme pain, I was busy clicking the extracted tooth. I even went to the extent of keeping one of my extracted teeth as a souvenir. I know that sounds really strange.

A tweet from the past 😀

Then begin the other orthodontic procedures like bonding the dental brackets and connecting them with archwire and all. I must be the most talkative and curious patient too. Whenever the Dr. begin to do something with my teeth, I never failed to ask him questions about it and he never failed to answer me patiently. There’s one thing I really hated about going to the clinic, it’s the oral lamp above the dentist chair. Most of my appointments are in the evening after my work hours and by then, my eyes are dead tired staring at the screen since morning. Now imagine a bright light above my head and what could be more irritating than staring at it for another half an hour or more with my mouth open. Yeah, I can close my eyes, but as I said I was always curious to see what he does.

I even came up with a few dentist jokes

My dentis is the only person who is capable of keeping my mouth open with out uttering a single word.

Dentist : Bi(y)te Please
Me: Bit my teeth 8 times



Once the braces were put on my tooth, I started embracing 2 things.

First one is my SMILE, yeah, my iconic smile. To be honest, in the beginning, I was a bit hesitant to smile with my braces. But the thing is, even I didn’t like my face without a smile on it, it even felt like not being myself. So, I threw out those fit for nothing hesitation and started to smile just like myself. As I always say, Smile is all that I have got and the following pics would tell how much I embrace my lovely smile (It’s ok if you’re not ok with the “lovely” part).

The second one is PAIN. It reminds me of one of my fav quotes, “We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey”. Being a foodie, It pains when you can’t eat your favorite food. It pains for 2-3 days when the braces are adjusted every 3 weeks for around 2 years. It pains when kids get scared of seeing those. It pains when people make fun of it. They say “Pain is temporary, Glory is forever”. So, I smiled and embraced it for my own glory to come.

“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey”

“Pain is temporary, Glory is forever”

My teeth move slowly said my dentist, probably deep down they are also as stubborn as me. It took almost 2 years to finally take them off. I still remember the day when the braces were put on my teeth, it was painful and felt too weird. That day Dr.Rachel Cherian (dentist & wife of my  dentist) comforted me that it’s gonna feel so good when they are removed. I realized her words on 7th July 2016, the day when the braces are finally removed. As she said, It felt so good and worth all the pain.

The following are some of the weight reduction style, before and after pics clicked by my dentist.




If “What a change over mama” is what you feel, you got a company, I too feel the same 😀 .

I dedicate this post to the man behind the smile, my awesome dentist Dr.Sanjay Jacob and my sincere thanks to him.

The story ends here, not my smiles. Be Happy, Keep Smiling.


9 thoughts on “Embarrassed – Braced – Embraced

  1. Bragadeesh Prasanna

    Braces or not. Your smile doesn’t fail to brighten up my day. Thanks for being there all the time and thanks for brightening up my days.

    You know that you are always special friend to me Goks.

    Keep smiling; Keep Spreading

    1. gokoulane Post author

      Wow, Thanks lot brags na 🙂 Those words means a lot to me 🙂 . BTW “Keep smiling; Keep Spreading” sounds very familiar, doesn’t it ?

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  3. Vishwas

    I sincerely hope that those who read this will see dentistry, health, personal perceptions & attitudes towards life in a new light.


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