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Yours Anonymously

If you are a frequent follower of my blog and expecting a continuation of my Sarparss Trek series, I am really sorry, just gonna deviate a bit this time.

Recently, my Facebook feed was filled with white color speech balloons on a blue background and some text in it. Sincere thanks to Sarahah. There were so many of it, even I got tempted to try it out ( If you are an atypical one who has no clue what Sarahah is? the following is for you.

Sarahah means honesty in the Arabic Language. Sarahah is an app through which people can send or receive honest feedback from others ANONYMOUSLY.

I did receive a handful of messages. Unlike my FB friends, I decided to respond to those messages here instead of spamming the walls of others. No offense guys, it was all over my wall (orey sara sarra Sarahah kathu only) and even pushed me to the verge of deactivating my account for a while. I should have responded to those awesome messages a long back, but as always, better late than never.

Before sharing the anonymous messages I received via Sarahah, I would like to share a funny incident. One of my close friends share his Sarahah link on his wall, so I wrote what I really thought of him. When I logged in into FB the next day, I saw him sharing it on his wall with a caption “Thank you very much Girl”. When one of his friends commented “How come you are sure that it’s a girl?”, he replied, “Have you ever seen guys messaging in such a nice way?”. It was one big face palm moment for me. Seems my cover is blown now.

Here come my messages, strictly in chronological order.


Thank you, that’s exactly what I strive for. To smile always, to travel whenever I get a chance and be the same for ever.

Sure sure, do ping me. Nan ready, neenga ready ah? (I am ready, are you?)

Hehe, thank you. Ippo irukura adhey edathula dhan (The same place where I am now). I am happy when people smile cos of me. Such a blessing.

OMG!, that’s too much of awesomeness in your message. Thank you. It’s definitely not an overloaded message. Seems it’s from some one who knows my most favorite word. I am happy.

I exactly know this person as there is only one who addresses me that way. She calls me a patient author as I take a month to write a blog post. I call her a patient reader as she patiently waits to read them. Thank you for all your kind words and motivation.

Quite an interesting question. How about Seafood with Shawarma :D. Don’t want to be greedy, will better stick with my favorite Shawarma.

:D, Prof. That’s a box of Munch. See, I got the feel of Sarahah a long time back, some one writing me anonymously.

Thank you a lot. Will do my best to spread happiness to the people around me.

Quite a confession. You have no idea what’s significant and what’s insignificant for me. I am some one who fights for a piece of Chocolate like a war and totally ignores what’s happening in Big Boss. To be honest, I am a very curious person & I did think too much about finding who you are, but eventually gave up. I know it must have been hard for you to say this directly to me, anyhow, apologies accepted 🙂

A very few people still call me Lane, so I had no difficulty in finding this person. On a serious note, it’s a great honor to get those words from you Docu.

Me? Inspiration? Thank you for those kind words. On a lighter note, I kinda hated maths cos it demanded some problem-solving.

🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank You. I smiled wide when I read this.

This must be a best friend. No words, Thank You.

You should have known this by this time.

I Know Right. Damn, I am such a narcissist :D.

In spite of being an anonymous messaging platform, the fact that people wrote really nice, sweet and motivating messages made me feel really good. Thank you for the same. I shall conttinue to update this post with any other messages I receive via Sarahah.