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My Rediscovered Love For Tamil Mega TV Serials

I understand that most of us are going through a tough time during this quarantine/lockdown period, the case same with me. But, on the flip side, it has brought back some great things too. Personally, things weren’t that great for me at the beginning of this Corona outbreak, which kind of even continues till today. But, despite all the personal miseries, I would really like to thank this lockdown for one thing. That’s for bringing back Tamil Serials back into my life.

During my childhood days, I used to enjoy watching these mediocre and average soaps such as Marmadesam, Vidathu Karuppu, Veetukku Veedu Looty, Chinna Papa Periya Papa, Sakthiman and Kana Kaanum Kaalangal, etc. Later, due to bad influences such as my friend Murali Krishna, my interest got shifted to Prison Break and FRIENDS of the world. From there on, I ignored the TV and pretty much stuck to my laptop watching English series, right from downloading them via Torrents to Netflix and Prime. Eventually, I lost track of the innovation, transformation, and revolution that happened post-Chithi Era in the Tamil TV Serial ecosystem.

At home, I usually like to be in my own zone, and spend most of the time in my room, minding my own business. But now, due to the lockdown, I have been spending more time in the hall with my parents. Initially, I felt like being forced to watch these Tamil series. As time progressed, I ultimately started picking up appreciate the artistic nuances in them. I believe platforms such as Netflix, HBO, and Amazon prime are misleading us, and make us think West is the Best. I urge that we all should come out of that particular mindset and start appreciating the creative gems treasured in the form of the Tamil TV Serials. If you are not convinced yet, the following are the main reasons why you must pick up watching these epic serials.

  • Subtle Acting
    The ability of the Tamil Serial artists to uncannily bring out sort of emotions subtly during the act is quite astonishing. Especially the romantic and angry family fight scenes.

    The act of subtle acting

  • Exceptional Cinematography and Editing 
    I would say, Cinematographers and the Editors are the real unsung heroes of the Tamil Serials. The way they literally freeze the time in their frame is another level, especially when they employ “Repeat Surpised Flash” and “Emotional Zoom” kind of shots. They have always been quite generous and inclusive. They would make sure that the beautiful and subtle emotions of ALL the artists (including the junior artist standing km apart) for every scene is captured and telecasted.

    Another level Cinematography

  • The Story
    Tamil Serials are quite efficient when it comes to repurposing the story. With an almost inexistent storyline, new serials are created just by changing the location, artists, and character names. You could also notice how most of the stories are highly feministic and revolves around strong female characters. One of the recent trends across the series is, the hero and the heroine gets married accidentally and waits for another 500 episodes to consummate the marriage.

    Name only different, Story the same. Source: hotstar

  • Engaging Screenplay
    Multiple engaging elements such as contests, festival celebrations, event organization, and divine intervention are added to the scenes to make the serials engaging and connected to the audience. It’s even quite common to combine these elements between two Serials when the writers run out of ideas.

    Audience Engagement

  • Mesmerizing Music
    Though the title songs are quite nominal, the BGM scores in most of the serials are out of the world. What really makes me wonder is the level of reusability of the BGM tracks. You can observe this aspect not just within a Serial, but also across the Serials. In fact, I even doubt if they use shared libraries just like the developers do. Just like the cherry on the top, the way they add existing movie song tracks to the romantic scenes is always class apart.

    Amazing BGMs

I am really sorry if you are a true fan of Tamil Serials and didn’t get the sarcasm of the post. I might have failed to be sarcastic but feeling very content, as this is something I wanted to rant for a very long time. I think the quality of the content in Tamil Serials has gone down to drain. And, also quite happy that the OTT platforms have started producing quality content in regional languages and the current generation is embracing and enjoying the same. Not so soon, these TV channels would lose their audiences if they are not resilient to change in audience preferences. I rest my case with one of my favorite comedies scene below.