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Postcards & Me – A Few Highlights

Recently, we were discussing poetry WRT the postcards in our Postcrossing WhatsApp group, and below is a something that I wrote impromptu. I understand, it follows a typical alternating rhyming scheme and quite far from being called a poem (I usually term them “So-Called Poems). Yet, It clearly reflects the kind of comments that I received from my family and friends when I started collecting postcards.

It’s just a piece of paper,
May be slightly thicker.
It’s soo old school,
and definitely not cool.
It’s damn slow as a snail,
Oh! You call it the mail.
Easily it might get lost,
Surely a thing of the past.
All those comments you say,
Never gonna get in my way.
When I receive one, in it I see a person.
Do I need any other reason?
With a stamp stuck to the corner,
It puts a big smile even on a loner.
A Postcard.

Apart from my wife, kid, job, and venturing out, yet another thing I badly miss during this lockdown period is receiving postcards. I have been writing and collecting postcards since 2016 and currently have around 1000+ cards in my collection sent from 102 countries across the globe. If it’s not for these postcards, I wouldn’t be even knowing the names of most of those countries. Below are a few that I have received from rare to get places, mostly small island countries with a low population.

1. Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) aka North Korea

It wasn’t easy getting this card from one of the closed and authoritarian countries of all. One of the Chinese tourist guides helped me with the same.

2. Antarctica – Indian Antarctic Base

It’s a self-sent postcard to National Centre For Antarctic And Ocean Research at Goa, which was then transported to Bharati, an Indian Antarctic Base for cancellation and back.

3. Tristan da Cunha

One of the fellow Postcrosser helped me get this postcard from this World’s Most Remote Island. Trivia: The nearest mainland city to the island is Cape Town in South Africa, which is 1,743 miles away.

4. Longyearbyen – Svalbard

It is the world’s northernmost town, with all settlements further north being research or meteorological outposts. One of the fellow Postcrosser, who is also a professional guide was too kind to send me this card from there.

5. Cape Verde / Cabo Verde

A fellow Postcrosser sent me this card from this small island located in the Central Atlantic Ocean. She was also kind enough to put the lovely stamp of Cesária Évora, their cultural icon on the card.

6. Gibraltar

It’s a tiny British Overseas Territory of just  6.7 km2 and located between south of Europe (Spain) and north of Africa (Morroco). Should thank a fellow Chennai Postcrosser for helping me with this.

7. Fiji

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji is an island country formed by a group of 300+ islands. This card was sent by an Indo-Fijian Postcrosser.

8. Faroe Islands

This island group consists of 18 major islands is located between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.

9. Guyana

It’s one of the not so common South American countries. One of the stamp collectors from there helped me with this card.

10. Vatican

This country needs no introduction, it’s also the smallest country in the world with an area of 0.49 sq km. Thanks to Minu, a CBC friend who sent this during her trip to the Vatican.

I will write more about postcards in the future, but that’s all for now.