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The One Who Went For The Coastal Cleanup – An Experience

As I mentioned in one of my previous post following is my experience on Chennai coastal cleanup 4.

Its never tough for me to wake up early in the morning, but was totally shocked yesterday (16-06-2013 ) morning when my sister who usually wake up late on Sunday mornings woke up early on her own and said she will also join me for the clean up. So as planned we both left home around 5AM.

 We reached the assembling point which is thalapakatti restaurant in eliots beach where we meet the NOBEL man who lead the broken bridge group of the cleanup. He gave us instructions about collecting different kinds of wastes and asked us to collect them separately, They also Hand gloves and collecting bags, and we all marched toward the Broken Bridge area.

garbage types

garbage types

When we reached there every one is assigned to collect only one kind of waste, My sister was asked to collect thin plastic and I was asked to collect Other waste.  For once I thought this place is dumping ground for all washed away foot wears, Glass wool (used for insulation in  refrigerators)  and thermocol, There was so much of them and one bad thing is that they come under Other Waste category which cannot be recyclable.

When millions were still sleeping on their Sunday morning , When most of them didn’t even start cleaning their home, Its awesome to see few thousand (5000+) volunteers woke up early and came to clean the shores of Chennai. I could see people of all age groups, They might be a beach lover like me or a green crusader or nature lover or the one who just want to do some thing good to the society or small kids who  turned up because their parents did.  They all worked with lots of involvement and energy, and as usual I got inspired by them. I individually collected 4 bags of Other wastes and my sister collected 1 bag of Light Plastic and 1 Bag of other wastes, We together collected a bag of Other waste at the end. After two hours of continuous cleaning we are asked to stop. Every one was happy and proud about what they did, We clapped our hands and shout out of joy and took a group picture at the end. Then a human chain was formed to pass those bags from the beach to the road so that the pickup trucks can collect them.  We happily returned home with lots of tiredness in body and with a content that we did something useful today.

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Last year 17.6 tones of waste were collected by 2369 volunteers, But this time its 36.7 tones by 5000+ volunteers. Its really an great achievement. I wish the volunteers count go up and the waste count reduces in the future clean-ups. More than that its all not about cleaning for just a day and forget the rest. The important moral of the story is never litter waste and dispose them properly so that environment we live doesn’t get affected.

When they return home some of their parents might ask “Sunday early  morning enga poi porikittu vara” and their kids will proudly answer “Beachku poi kuppa porukittu varen” with their heads up, Ha Ha just for fun.

Chennai Coastal Cleanup

Chennai Coastal Clenup

For me there is no place other than beach for me to relax, I always feel some special attachment with the sea, waves and the breeze. But what disturbs more the beach lovers like me (i am talking about those who love beach not the one who love in beach :p ) are the trash around us, Some times its even tough to find a clean place to sit and rejoice. The only thing we do is to curse the people who litter those trashes, complaining about the city etc. But now we got a small opportunity  to do our part to keep the beaches we love CLEAN.

Chennai Trekking Club partnering with many other organizations and volunteers organizing the 4th Chennai Coastal Cleanup on 16th June 2013. Its aim not only on just cleaning the coastal areas for a day but also bring great social awareness on keeping it clean. This will be my first coastal cleanup (unaware of the past 3 cleanups) and i am so looking forward to it. For more information visit http://www.chennaitrekkers.org/2013/05/chennai-coastal-cleanup-june-16th.html and if you want to register yourself for this cause register at the below link.


Yeah i understand, its Sunday, its early morning and all those excuses but nothing wrong in cleanup in the morning so that you can come back in the evening and rejoice with your family in a much cleaner beach. Hoping to see you there in the cleanup, If you could identify me just say a Hi and give me a Hi5 🙂 I don’t think you will give a reason after seeing the below pic which was clicked during last year cleanup. Even if you couldn’t pass it to your friends.

Chennai Coastal Clenup

Chennai Coastal Cleanup


P.S : It gives me a great content when i write for a cause 🙂 Will also post my experience post the cleanup 🙂