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Notes from the diary of a lonely traveler – Pulicat Lake

Again i am writing a blog post after a very long time almost after some 8 months.

This post is all about my awesome lonely travel experience traveling to  Pulicat Lake (Pazhaverkaadu Eri). It was on Saturday (13-8-2011) after shopping in t-nagar (place i hate the most in chennai due to its terrific traffic, crowded people and noise)  with my mom and sister i felt kinda stressed up & decided to go to a calm and nice place alone (love traveling alone) to relax myself. Usually i used to go to beach or N4 bridge which are very near to my house but this time i planed for an alternative and i chose Pulicat Lake after little bit of googling.

Thanks to my dad who helped me getting directions  to Pulicat Lake and he advised me to start early. And the story begins here 😉 Its cool Sunday(14-8-2011) morning as planned I started from my house around 8:10 Am and then reached Thiruvottiyur railway station at 8:15 Am which is very near to my house, Luckily there wasn’t much crowd in ticket counter where i got a return ticket to Ponneri which cost me Rs. 14 and as expected train bounded to Gumudipundi arrived at 8:25. The climate was really cool & awesome, enjoyed train travel a lot,as its Sunday train compartment was almost empty and I  spent time listening to music and taking some pics, I could feel calmness in me while I am  looking outside the windows of the train. It was around 9:05 Am when I reached Ponneri railway station, I walked slowly towards Ponneri Bus Terminus enjoying the cool and cloudy climate. Ponneri was not as i thought and saw before some 3 years, Its changed and developed to a large extent and was really surprised to see a super market there, Its a nice super market where I got myself some chocolates and soft drinks. After some 25 mins i found myself in Ponneri Bus terminus, Its a very small bus terminus and was crowded with poeple. Then i got myself inside a bus bounded to  Pazhaverkaadu(Pulicat) and the bus started around 9.35 Am, The bus fare is only Rs. 7 from Ponneri to Pulicat and i loved traveling in that bus, The route bus traveled gave me cool fresh breeze village feeling which made me to take some pics and atlast i reached my destination Pulicat around 10.15 Am.

The Place where the bus stopped was a crowd market place and its the main market of Pulicat. As its bit early in the morning there wasn’t many tourist there, as i was very eager to go boating i stopped by a group of fishermen and enquired them about boating, They replied me that its too costly(Rs 600 – 700) to travel alone and they suggested me to wait and join some other group of tourists. I spent the mean time conversing with couple of fisher men and came to know more about the place and their life there and also took some pics of Pulicat Bridge, a rooster. Then i joined a group of friends in the boat and the boat started towards Island. The boating was really an awesome experience wow what a cool breeze,while the friends who traveled along with me are boozing with Beer i drank soft drinks which i bought in the super market ;).  Then the boat arrived at the island. While the friends with whom i came along were busy boozing I simply spend the time taking some photographs and spent time alone in beach. I couldn’t say my experience which i felt there, i felt so calm and relaxed. Then i decided to return back to the shore alone leaving the boozing friends in the island. I forgot to say about the boat driver, His name is Suliman he is a very good young fellow who talk sweet and decent we both returned to the bank alone talking to each other and luckily saw some flemingo birds and took some pics. Then i reached the shore and paid Sulaiman Rs 100, From there i went to Dutch Cemetery which is dated back to 16th Century and took some pics there also . Its around 12.00 Pm and i felt very hungry which led me to a briyani shop, After finishing my lunch i got bus back to Ponneri immediately around 12:30 Pm.

I reached Ponneri Bus Terminus around 1:20 and went to college friend house there, After spending time with her and her parents i returned back to  Ponneri Railway Station at 2:30 and got train back to Thiruvottiyur at 2:35 Pm. This time the train was very crowded and train stoped many times due to signal problem(Which is very usual in that route). Reached home at 3:45 Pm. Wow what an unforgettable and  refreshing journey.

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