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A High Dream

I Gaze at the night sky,
Sticking still on to my roof.
I sigh, counting those countless stars,
And at far I sight you, flickering !!

I try put myself up,
While my eyes anchored at you.
Will you ever reply my waving?
And that keeps me longing !!

I dont have any wings,
But you could get me real high,
Place me in mid of the cloudy sky.
And with you, I would end up flying !!

I might let my anxieties wear off,
And try stay calm till we takeoff.
It’s not far, My maiden date with you,
And till then, I better keep Dreaming !!

It’s a dream, a big dream since my childhood to fly, to fly in that mighty machine. I get very excited every time, when I see one. Whenever I pass the airport or when an aeroplane pass above me, I wish I could be in one of them, flying. I haven’t got a necessity or an opportunity to fly yet, but think I could try to fly soon, just for the sake of an experience.  I wish i get a Jennal Seat (Window Seat) near the wings in my first flight. And most probably I would write a blog post about the experience too. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Feelings Untitled – A Lonely Await

Image Source : Internet

Image Source : Internet

The below poem reflects my state of mind at different phases of life put together. It might be how I felt when I completed schooling and entered college. Or, how I felt when I got graduated and started to work. Or, How I feel presently. This one is dedicated to my best friends.

Who isn’t near,
Tell me my tear.
My heart, is that my friends you miss?
Is being with them is such a bliss?

Though part by several miles,
I cherish those spotless laughs and smiles.
Though we never exchanged gifts or treats,
I wonder, Our friendship never retreats.

Oh time, where did you drift me?
I midst of people, where I couldn’t fit me.
For whom, I am just a last choice,
And whatever I speak is just a noise.

They might trade me for some one better,
Am I that easy to throw, as they litter.
They might be impenetrable behind a mask,
And smile just for sake of their task.

As numerous dream to do,
Wish could go back in time too.
Will I be again with those lovely some,
Or I just sit and wait for all time to come.

Quarter Century – Not Out

I feel lucky and content at least to exist. In the same world where not all get good food, where not all have a proper shelter, where not all are healthy, where not all places are peaceful and where even existence is a big question.

Now I remember a famous quote by Oscar Wilde “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” , so I don’t just exist, I also do something people very rarely do, I LIVE my LIFE.

I love more than being loved.
I put more smiles than frowns on the faces I came across.
I don’t spend time thinking about the deep purpose of my life,
I better be happy and spread it around, while I figure that out.

I had my own goals, for which I worked hard to reach them.
I had my own successes, big or small, never ignored to celebrate them.
I had my own failures, small or big, never ignored to learn and move on.
I got inspired by many and I am an inspiration for a very few too.

I keep myself simple, sometimes stupid too.
I never regret for not wearing a mask and being myself.
I did only what I liked to do, at times it’s for people whom I love too.
I LOVE my life, that is how I LIVE my life.

Above, there are lots of ‘I’, are you wondering why? 😀 (Sentence heavily influenced by TR). Even I am wondering the same. Asusual i started writing something else and end up with this.

Now straight to the point, As many of you might have guessed from the title, Yay .. It’s my 25th birthday today. Life is like running an undetermined marathon, where you don’t know how long you going to run. Better rejoice while you pass the mile markers and stop by water stations just like this birthday and enjoy the run. #IRun

When someone ask me “what gift you got for this birthday?”, I would happily reply “chocolates and hearty wishes”. Nothing makes me merrier than your wishes, so do wish me (wishes with chocolates are most welcome). Before that, I wish myself a very happy birthday and awesome years ahead.

Why Do I Run ?

Running Legs - © Raghu Mohan

Running Legs – © Raghu Mohan

Why do you run? Asked many,
With no notion to respond,
I sighed and thought is there any?
Queried myself, Why do I RUN?

Is that I could rise before the SUN ,
Put on those lovely running shoes,
And run along the lonely country road,
So that the cool breeze pierce into my skin.

“Really?” echoed my conscience,
Seems those reasons doesn’t convince.
It smiled from a corner and calmly commanded,
“Try me with something better”.


Is that I try to stay fit and light,
Burn myself (calories) like a phoenix,
And get wet of my own stinking sweat,
So that I munch more with no guilt.


Is that all about marathons,
Get clicked smiling while hiding sore with in,
And cheered up at delightful finishing line,
So that I show off my medal of accomplishment.


Is that it deeply de-stress my mind,
Help stay focused and determined,
And get me used to perishing pains,
So that I evolve stronger every other step.

“Slow down” hit my conscience,
“Aren’t you just rambling reasons”, It mocked.
After a pause it said “The fact is you just LOVE IT”.

Note : I initially intended to write it as a Q&A between me and my conscience, later end up with this.

Few Little Dew Drops – Pics and Poem

What inspired me to write the following poem is my usual running route near my home and the following pics which I clicked there. Initially just wanted to post the pics, later came up with a small poem. Whether its rain drop or dew drops, they always do excite me.

It’s a lonely country road,
On a lovely winter morning.
It’s a scene diffused with fog,
When and where I love to jog.

Precipitation of nature masks,
Perspiration of my body.
Chillness Pierce my skin,
Passing deep, frosting my soul.

Those Few Little Dew Drops,
Spread all over the crops.
Gracefully gleam like a gem,
When sun glaze upon them.

Titled At The End – A Poem


Phoenix – wikipedia.org

Some where I read,
Once lived a miraculous bird,
Which arises back from its ashes,
And I see its impression in all of us.

With no conscious clue,
Disasters hit us out of blue.
Betrayal, failure, egos,
Grief, loss and all of those,
brutally thrashes and burn us to ashes.

Then something magical happens,
Motivations works like a charm,
Determinations transfigures to success,
Spells of love and care sweeps out despair,
And the life gets revived.

I see ashes behind every bird,
And a bird behind the ashes.
It continues till the magic last,
And its only the ashes at last.
Aren’t we a phoenix.

Feelings Untitled – Me And The Mighty Lunar Beauty


The Mighty Lunar Beauty Image Source : Wikipedia

I woke up suddenly out of a nightmare at midnight,
Realizing its less scary than reality.
It was a romantic dream with a girl,
The girl who left me for various reasons.

My thoughts on her went so deep,
Recoiling memories both good and bad.
I felt pain intensify in my head and heart,
I broke out and start to weep.

After all my efforts to sleep back failed,
I Hoped some music would ease me out.
So turned on my player, To Inflame,
It randomly played her favorite song.

A sudden power outage hiked my rage,
More sweat oozed out of me like a grilling piece of meat,
And I heard my heart pound causing discomfort.
Wondered whether suffocation is same in hell.

I opened my netted windows to allow some air in,
Cool breeze rushed in with the soft light of the full moon.
I calmed down as I admire the mighty lunar beauty.
This time it reflected me rather than her.

You grow and shrink to the eyes of many,
But only few know you are same all the time.
You have dark patches and aren’t perfect either,
But to the contrary many adore you for your beauty.

Many admire you just for the light you reflect,
Which even wasn’t your own.
But only few reach you with will to know more,
To know really what you are.

Oh my moon, made me to realize so soon,
That you are more alike me.
In spite of my usual weirdness,
Few do love me, Don’t they ?


I, You and We – A Poem, A Tribute To My Teachers

On this Teacher’s day I remember my awesome school teachers, I consider myself very lucky to have them in my life and without them there is no way I would be the one who I am now. They are the one who nurtured my interest in computers and science even though I wasn’t good at academics . They bared all my mischievous activities, my worst handwriting , all time chatterbox in me, sleeping in class, etc., and motivated me a lot. I am sure most of my friends who studied with me feel the same about our teachers. Teaching is a great job, it’s a service more than a profession, I wish I could take it some day.

I just tried pen down a small poem for them, I Dedicate it  to all those awesome school teachers.

I was just a small hopeless seed,
I was handed to the nursery named SCHOOL.
I wasn’t alone, There were many alike buds around.

You TEACHERS were our gardeners who Cared us,
You sowed us in the firm soil of Discipline,
You feed us with water of Values,
You nurtured us with manure of Knowledge,
You exposed us to sun of Spirituality,
You made us take on harder Challenges (CO2),
You made us work hard and reap good Results (O2),
You weed out distractions and kept us Focused,
You enjoyed every moment of our Growth.

We part away from You when we grow up as saplings,
We might grow into great big trees elsewhere,
We might reap sweet fruits and give shade to many,
We, our roots could never forget You,
We, our hearts always thankful to You.

I would also like to share  this fabulous cartoon poster by zenpencils which was made based on the poem titled “What Teachers Make” by Taylor Mali on this Teacher’s Day. Its awesome and I like it so much that I heard it in repeat like a song.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all awesome teachers around the world 🙂

Small is Big – A Thought

In recent CBC meet i unintentionally uttered the words “Small Is Big” while introducing myself. Since then i was thinking too deep on it, How small can be big ? Is small bigger than the big ? and lots of other questions in me.

I have seen people who always want to achieve big and have seen them ignoring small happiness and small achievements. I am not saying not to aim big, but at the same time lets also rejoice those small moments of happiness, celebrate those small achievements. They act as motivational factor, they help you to forget pain, they make you smile. Never forget the people who did small help to you when you reach high, they might not have laid road and created a path for you, but their little hands would have saved you from stone and thorn on your paths.

Below is my answer for the question How “Small is Big”, tried to put some relevant images 🙂 and all images are taken from various sources and none of them are my own.

When small smile can force you smile back when you sad,
When small little drops of tears from your beloved make you feel,
Then Small is Big.

When small kid’s babble make you forget big worries,
When small pat on your back make you achieve big,
Then Small is Big.

When small thoughts could change you,
When small changes could bring big results,
Then Small is Big.

When small things teach you great lessons,
When small ideas could change world,
Then Small is Big.

When small sharing make feel togetherness,
When small caring heal big wounds,
Then Small is Big.

When small things together make big things,
When smallest thing in world is still a big quest for man,
Then Small is what makes Big.

When small help at time without expectation is bigger than everything else ,[Thirukural]
Then small is Bigger than the Big.

Evening After Summer Rain – A So Called Poem

Rain Through Glass Walls - Photo Courtesy : Aswin Yogesh

Rain Through Glass Walls – Photo Courtesy : Aswin Yogesh

Rain is one of few things which excite me a lot. And I am such a rain lover.
My yet another experiment with poetry. Yet another So Called Poem.

In my office looking through those glass walls,
I see those giant dark clouds , hoping the rain falls.

I look at those clouds like kid look at a candy shop,
Hoping it gets over, my craving for rain drop.

The very first rain of summer starts pouring heavy to cool the land,
Inside the glass walls, I miss the smell of sand and drops on hand.

Sound of rain made me to sing songs along,
Hope the pour lasted much long.

Enough I said to those glass walls,
Time has come for me, To ride back home.

Clouds are dark while it still drizzle,
And I felt the cold breeze cut me like a chisel.

The breeze blew stronger and more cooler,
Portraying few purest acts of love and rejoice.

A mom covered and held her baby close to protect,
While a small girl shouts of excitement hugging her dad tight.

Couples on the ride gave no space between, Breeze the looser,
I pity on you, your every attempt made them only closer.

Even vehicles celebrated their own holi,
Splashing water on each other in jolly.

Rain, I wonder you come from where,
But you induce love and joy, make me feel heaven here.