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Real Heros

Hi friends..
this is my 1st WordPress blog…

we all have seen many movies with military operations .. where one action
hero comes as commander or a soldier with a pistol shouts the enemies with
machine gun and AK47.. and we people have a big space in our heart as our
fav hero..

friends i have not yet started talking about real heros . i am a peace
lover and i am against violence and terrorism and the terrorist attack in
mumbai affected me a lot. i felt a lot for the people who lost their life
in that attack. but its a lesson to all of us. famous tamil saint
Mr.Thiruvalluvar said “we can identify good things only when some thing
bad happens” ya .. only that incident made us to identify and recognize our
REAL HEROS .. ya i am talking about the national security guards (NSG) .
its very easy to live for ourself and our families. but think about those
great people who saved others life not even thinking about their life .
thats why i said they are the real heros. but we missed to recognize some
other peoples . the fire men and medical team who played a very significant
role in rescue operation at taj .

there are still many heros unrecognized. every army men who protect our
border and our life .. and many more..

i salute our real heros .. hats of to them