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Heroes of Siachen

When me and some of my office friends were discussing some random topics one of them mentioned about Siachen Glacier and about our soldiers there. So as usual that anxiety person in me started searching about it and ended up with exponentially increase in respect for our GREAT Indian soldiers and made me to write this.

Siachen Glacier is about 20,000 ft above the sea level, its the most toughest and coldest battle ground in the world, its a place not fit for human survival with temperature going down to -53°C.

There was a war which was fought between India and Pakistan ( Indian Army Code Named Operation Meghdoot ) on 13th April 1984 when Pakistan tried to hold control of Siachen. The war lasted for about an week in which India took control of the area beating Pakistan. Since then Indian army and air-force are permanently stationed in that inhospitable area. For more information read this Siachen Conflict.

Watch the below three video documentary on Siachen and Siachen Battle.

There is a separate academy  to train soldiers in high altitude warfare skills and survival named Siachen Battle School. Watch the following videos which features Siachen Battle School, the kind of training and the difficulties which the soldiers undergo there.

It could be none other than their high patriotism for the country which make our great brave soldiers to leave their families behind and fight for our country in such inhospitable place like Siachen. I salute and respect those brave ones 🙂