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Few Little Dew Drops – Pics and Poem

What inspired me to write the following poem is my usual running route near my home and the following pics which I clicked there. Initially just wanted to post the pics, later came up with a small poem. Whether its rain drop or dew drops, they always do excite me.

It’s a lonely country road,
On a lovely winter morning.
It’s a scene diffused with fog,
When and where I love to jog.

Precipitation of nature masks,
Perspiration of my body.
Chillness Pierce my skin,
Passing deep, frosting my soul.

Those Few Little Dew Drops,
Spread all over the crops.
Gracefully gleam like a gem,
When sun glaze upon them.

Evening After Summer Rain – A So Called Poem

Rain Through Glass Walls - Photo Courtesy : Aswin Yogesh

Rain Through Glass Walls – Photo Courtesy : Aswin Yogesh

Rain is one of few things which excite me a lot. And I am such a rain lover.
My yet another experiment with poetry. Yet another So Called Poem.

In my office looking through those glass walls,
I see those giant dark clouds , hoping the rain falls.

I look at those clouds like kid look at a candy shop,
Hoping it gets over, my craving for rain drop.

The very first rain of summer starts pouring heavy to cool the land,
Inside the glass walls, I miss the smell of sand and drops on hand.

Sound of rain made me to sing songs along,
Hope the pour lasted much long.

Enough I said to those glass walls,
Time has come for me, To ride back home.

Clouds are dark while it still drizzle,
And I felt the cold breeze cut me like a chisel.

The breeze blew stronger and more cooler,
Portraying few purest acts of love and rejoice.

A mom covered and held her baby close to protect,
While a small girl shouts of excitement hugging her dad tight.

Couples on the ride gave no space between, Breeze the looser,
I pity on you, your every attempt made them only closer.

Even vehicles celebrated their own holi,
Splashing water on each other in jolly.

Rain, I wonder you come from where,
But you induce love and joy, make me feel heaven here.

Natpukkadal (Sea Of Friendship) – So Called Poem

Sea Of Freindship

I miss some of my close friends whose thoughts made me to write the below thamizh poem,   I also tried to write the English translation of it bit poetic 🙂

வெவ்வேறு ஊற்றிலிருந்து பிறந்த நதிகள் நாம்,
வெவ்வேறு வழக்கை வழிகள் நமக்கிருந்தும்,
நட்பு என்னும் கடலில் கலந்தோம் .

நட்புக்கடலில் அன்பும் அக்கறையும் உப்பாய்  இருக்க ,
வண்ணமீன்கள் போல் இனியனினைவுகள் அங்குமிங்குமாய்,
சிறு சிறு செல்லச்சண்டைகள் அலைகளாய் .. அன்பளைகளாய்.

நட்புக்கடலில் அன்பலைகள் தான் ஓயுமோ,
நட்புக்கடல்  தான் காயுமோ.

English Translation

Though different springs we rivers start from,
Though different ways of life we have,
I wonder how we all end mix in the Sea Of Friendship.

Love and care is as abundant as salt,
Sweet memories scatter here and there like colorful fishes,
Small small meaningless fights do hit as tides, as tides of love.

Will ever the tides of love rest,
Will ever the Sea Of Friendship dry up,
But Never.

Mom I Wonder Why – A So Called Poem

Today was simply singing “Amma nan nee perta pillai” (Mom you are the one who gave birth to me) when mom scolded me for some simple thing and she swiftly replied “Nee enakku periya thollai” ( but you are a big trouble to me) 😀 . So i thought i will write something like a poem about my mom today. It need not be mother’s day an all to write about mom na (remember that scene in Gilli Movie), So one “so called poem” for her.

I wonder how you AWESOME gave birth to such a TROUBLESOME(Me).
I wonder how you CARE so much for the most CARELESS.
I wonder how did u manage to ORGANIZE the most UNORGANIZED(Me).
I wonder how u patiently ANSWER and never want me to stop when i keep on asking QUESTIONS.
I wonder how you exactly REMIND me the things which i FORGET.
I wonder how UNLIKE most parents you want me to do what i LIKE.
I wonder how i never get BORED of you food and you never get TIRED of cooking for us.
I wonder how not only ME but also my FRIENDS also love you.
I wonder how you GUESS just by looking into my face that i am in MESS.
I wonder how you show us UNCONDITIONAL love in this CONDITIONAL world.
I wonder how SELFLESS you are when most of them around you are SELFISH.
But with no wonder, My WONDERFUL mom you are a such WONDER.