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Bye 2010 … Welcome 2011


At last we have to say a good bye bye to 2010 and welcome 2011.. Year 2010 was very great and Awesome for me .. And this post is all about why and how 2010 is awesome for me.

Let me start with my MSP Life . Even though i got selected as Microsoft Student Partner(MSP) in end of 2009, I was very active in 2010 as a MSP. MSP Chn is an awesome group of MSPs from chennai and i got very good friends and learnt a lot from there. I took many sessions on various Microsoft Technologies and i enjoyed taking sessions a lot. CNUG Student AcadDevCon, My b day celebration @ Microsoft Office Chennai by my Awesome friends(MSPs), Boot Camp @ Goa are some of the unforgettable moments in 2010.

Then comes my college final year project. its one of the most unforgettable days in 2010, even in my life. I learnt that determination and hard work will never let down from my project. I was so happy that i completed it successfully. It’s in 2010 I completed my graduation successfully and came out as an Engineer. I am happy that i am the first graduate in my family .Still miss some of my very close college friends.

Its in 2010 i got my first job. My first salary. It was a great moment for me when i gave my 1st salary in hands of my parents. That feel gave me confidence and responsiblity.

Yes, Some bad and unpleasant things also happened to me in 2010. but they tought me many great lessons. Life is nothing interesting when only good thing happening around you.

So a Great Thanks to Year 2010.. Hope 2011 will also be awesome and give happiness to all of us. Be happy


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