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Temple Of Inspirations – My Dream Library

A fellow blogger from CBC (Chennai Bloggers Club) recently wrote a post based on the prompt “What would your dream library look like? #DreamLibrary” given by IndiSpire (by IndiBlogger). While reading the post few things came to my mind so I thought I would do my part by writing one.

Before I pen about my Dream Library, A few words about the library which inspired me, the library which was the origin of my reading habit. Yes it’s my school library. I used to spend a lot of time there during my school days. It fueled my interest and curiosity to know more. How could I be without mentioning my school librarian Kannan Sir, He was the one who seeded the reading habit in me and motivated me to read more books.  All my interest over science and computer science got evolved there. Internet was very scarce those days and main source of information are books. I learned most of my basic computer coding from those books. Those small collection of Enid Blyton and World Book Encyclopedias always amazed me. That library did play a significant role in shaping me what I am today.

Now lets come to my Dream Library. It will not be a personal library which would be accessible to Me, My Family and Friends, But it will be a small public library near the shores of Thiruvottiyur easily accessible to those slum kids there. I was really amazed by their interest and talent they possess when I used to take night classes to them during my college days. They know the value of things, I have seen them utilizing things and opportunities to the fullest, have seen them be so determined even at that young age. That library will be a well ventilated long hall with simple wooden tables and chairs, comfortable for those kids to sit and read in silence (their homes are really noisy). Its walls will be filled with racks of small books, story card collections and few inspirational quotes stuck here and there. It would house more of books like comics, children stories, experimented based science books and less standard academic based books so that they get inspired and be creative. Last but not least It will have a librarian like Kannan sir who would take pride in his work, inspire kids, motivate them to read more and help them shaping up their life.

Am I dreaming too much, might be. I must stop dreaming and start doing little which I could.

You Olive

Its pretty much an usual day for Varun at his office, He felt his head got heated up working on a piece of code for a long time and took a small break. Shortly he returned back to his seat after filling himself a cup of hot lemon tea from his office pantry. While his mouth slowly sipping down the hot tea, His eyes scanned his Facebook news feeds. Unusually he scrolled down fast without paying attention, but some thing suddenly caught his eyes and he slowed down. One of his friend had shared a “Popeye” pic captioned “Only 90’s Kid Will Remember this Awesome Show”. Definitely its one of his favorite shows, he remembered the days when he and his friend used to make smoke pipe out of paper and used talcum powder or chalk powder to give that smoke effect when they blow. But some thing else struck his mind like a flash of lightning. He heard the words “You Olive” repeatedly ringing inside his head. He took out his mobile phone intending to text some one, he typed “You Olive” but he deleted the message and smiled at himself.

6 years back …. (Mosquito coil rotating flash back feel)

Varun was in call with his best friend Madhu.

M: What doing?
V: As usual in front of my laptop, trying to learn new stuffs.
M: I feel pity on your laptop. Dont you have anything else to do?
V: hmmm. You will never understand my Interests.
M: k, leave it, Whats that “You Olive” which you text me.
V: You know this Popye show la?
M: Yes, he eats spinach and beats the villain. That one na?
V: Yes yes same one. In that the heroine character name is “Olive” and you are thin like her so …
M: Deiiii … Kill You ..
V: And you know Olive oil good for health, Olive leaves symbolize peace and they are in “UN” logo and …
M: Oh you started.. Pls stop.. call me what ever you want.

Madhu is Varun’s best friend at college. She was the one who cared and stood by him when many left him for his uninteresting geeky character. She is patient enough to listen all his ramblings, some time its about some new technology or some time about his favorite Bharathiyar poems. The worst things are his poor jokes and she even bared them too. Their friendship grew stronger with time. They both developed feelings for each other, Even missed each other badly during their semester holidays. Madhu tried her best to convey her love to him indirectly, but nothing hit his tube light brain. And Varun feared loosing his best friend if he expresses his.

5 years back …. (Same mosquito coil rotating flash back feel)

Some how Varun gathered all his courage and decided to express his love. He called her earlier in the evening to inform her that he got some important thing to discus and he would be calling by night as usual. As said Varun called her.

M: Hey what’s the matter. you said you want to discus some thing.
V: Yes Yes, But promise me that you will be my friend always.
M: What happen to you, I will be. First say whats the matter.
V: You are very nice to me, you was there for me always as a support, You care a lot for me.
M: Hmmm…
V: That’s why I feel that I would be too happy if you be my life partner.

After hearing this Madhu started crying and she didn’t stop for 15 mins in spite of Varun repeatedly apologizing and asking for forgiveness. Varun cursed himself for doing this and loosing his best friend. After some mins of non stop crying Madhu spoke.

M: Why didn’t  you say this earlier?
V: What? (totally confused)
M: I am expecting this for a long time. I too have the same feeling on you.
V: Really? I could’n even shout out of joy now.
M: I tried a lot to express you indirectly, but you tube light.
V: I also did, I also expressed indirectly.
M: Don’t bluff.
V: Why don’t you open your laptop and check your mail? (typing some thing fast with his laptop)
M: Now?
V: Yes, Now.

When Madhu opened that recent mail from Varun, she saw an animation running in loop in center of her screen. The letters of the words “You Olive” rearranged themselves to “I Love You” in loop.  He was waiting for reply from Madhu, but no words came out of her, instead it rained kisses.

The words “You Olive” became some thing dear to them. They used it all the time, while texting, while talking, while fighting. They sparsely said “I Love You” to each other. When some of their friend’s interfere their texts and ask about this “You Olive” they would easily escape by saying Popeye, Olive story.

1.5 years back ….

V: You Olive. Pls.
M: Will you stop this, Pls don’t try convince me with those words. You are not the one who was before. You have changed.
V: Every one changes, Even you. Why don’t you understand.
M: It’s not working anymore. Its better we part.

By the time Varun finished his tea, there wasn’t even a drop left in his cup but few drops try peep out of his eyes. He just wiped them, moved on and continued his work. Now Madhu has no part to play in his life, except her memories.

My Radio Days


It was a usual day at office and was cleaning up and organizing my old bookmarks in my browser. In the process I stumbled up on an online radio link which I had bookmarked years ago. When opened it played my favorite A.R.Rahman hits, so I muted my usual playlist and stared listening to it. One after another I heard my favorite songs which I haven’t  heard for years. As usual it’s my mind which goes nostalgic and gets comfort, this time it went back to my good old radio days.

Don’t  think I am too old to talk about radios, but my childhood memories are filled with it. Though we had TV at our home, my parents never gave cable TV connection till my sister completed her schooling. They thought it would impair our academic performance. I very rarely watched TV cos those programs in DD where too boring for me, except very few. It’s the same case with radio cos it was all AIR (All India Radio) channels which was also boring except for the news. The  radio landscape totally changed when private players Suryan FM and Radio Mirchi started operating in Chennai in mid of 2003. They came up came up with young RJs, interesting programs, and new songs, that’s when i actively started listening to radio. Though we had a tape recorder at home I always wanted a Walkman with radio for myself, but what my parents could afford at that time was a small portable radio transistor. It’s a tiny Philips radio with auto scan feature which I always carry and listen to it.

Pocket Radio

Similar to the tiny radio which I owned, except that it’s black and that’s silver

Radio Mirchi 98.3 is my all time favorite radio station. The more I started to listen to it, I started liking talks of the RJs than the song they played. Most of my days started listening to “Hello Chennai” a breakfast show which was hosted by one of my favorite RJ Suchi (also a singer) , when she left the station the same show was took over by yet another favorite RJs Ajai and Shiva. Now Shiva became an actor and RJ Ajai still continues with the show.

Even after getting a MP3 player I used to listen to “Hello Chennai” show while going to college and “Freeya Vidu” show while back, both by my fav RJ Ajai. I even had pleasure of hearing my voice aired in his show once and songs which I requested him via online chat played twice . I even try to mimic his voice and my friends used to like it. Few months back I met him unanticipated in Besant Nagar beach and get to click a pic with him.

Me with my fav RJ Ajai

Me with my favorite RJ Ajai

One of the most memorable moment to which I can associate with radio is hiding under the last bench in class listening to Oscar updates and hoping for A.R.Rahman to win Oscar. Me and my friend shouted out of joy when we heard that he won one in spite of lecturer being inside the class. We kinda howled when we heard that he won another, Still remember the baffled face of the lecturer who was clueless about who shouted and for what.

But now my interest in listening to radio got gradually decreased because of 3 reasons.
1) Now they play songs back to back and even more adds, you end up listening more advertisement than songs and RJ talks put together.
2) I no longer commute to my office by public transport and I use my bike, so no room for listening while driving.
3) My smart phone doesn’t have a radio module.

At lest happy that my new favorite  RJ Balaji uploading his good talks to SoundCloud.

Whatever, nothing beats the feel of hearing your favorite songs being played out of blues in radio. “So listen to the radio, And all the songs we used to know”.