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Why I Am Not Proud Of

So, last week my FB, Twitter timelines were flooded with post and tweets about Sundar Pichai being named as CEO of Google and how they are proud because he WAS an Indian or because he is a Tamilian or because he is both. It’s the same thing when Sathya Nadella was announced as Microsoft’s CEO last year. The case is not just with both of them, the same happens whenever a Person Of Indian origin or an Non Resident Indian (NRI) achieve something significant, suddenly people start feeling proud of them.

Though I highly respect their talent and hard work, though they have been inspiring to me, In fact I am not proud of them. I indeed feeling shame that our country is incapable of retain and nurture such talents. It’s the other country which gives them opportunity for a better higher education, opportunity to grow in their career irrespective of where they come from and even permanent citizenship. When it’s other country which facilitates them with what they need, I actually don’t understand what’s there for us to feel proud of. Just imagine a guy who was born in our country goes to other after completing his undergrad, gets trained there as a terrorist, kills innocent lives and raises as head of that terrorist group. In this case, will we take responsibility for his act just because he was born in our country. Then, how fair is that to take pride of their achievements. Actually we should stop feeling proud and start thinking. Think why we lack on educational infrastructure, think why we weren’t unable to retain some of our great minds here. think why we weren’t able to create a technological conglomerate like Google or Microsoft here. Let’s think and act.

Do you know what else I am not proud of, corrupt politicians who waste public money and use it for their personal benefits, government that obstruct freedom and deny basic rights, religious bodies that does moral policing, citizens who are socially irresponsible, etc.

Do you know what I am proud of, I am proud of our soldiers who strive day and night to protect us, I am proud of sportsperson, mainly from less sponsored sports who represent our country just for patriotism and passion, I am proud of the ones who tirelessly and selflessly work to bring a positive change in the country. I am proud of you and me, every Indian who contributes to the growth of our country one way or the other.

Be a proud Indian, Happy Independence Day, Jai Hind.