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A Ride From Chennai to Pondicherry – A trip to remember

This post is all about my experience on bike ride to Pondicherry from namma Chennai with my best buddies from college, Jayaprakash (a.k.a Jay) and Praveen.

Planning phase for the trip was quite boring so will say about it later in this post.

We took to the ECR at around 7.00 am on a Saturday (25.08.12) morning, and rode non stop till Mamallapuram. Our first stop and first meal of the day. We had breakfast at a MamallaBhavan which is one of the oldest hotels in that area (Since 1959). Since we have been to Mamallapuram before, we skipped exploring this place and headed straight towards Auroville.

Morning breakfast

For breakfast

Thirst is always unquenched, be it for knowing the uknown or for commoners like me for water. We at a couple of places for water in intervals, short breaks as I would call them before we reached Auroville at 12 noon. The road from ECR to Auroville is really “awesome”, at times it feli like riding through a forest with red soil.

My Bike

Just Taking Rest us and the bikes

Then we enquired about the route to Matrimandir– the golden globe, as we call it. Our enquiry led us to Aurovile Visitor Information Center, where we were provided with visitor passes to Matrimandir View Point. After a 10 mins documentary on Auroville and Matrimandir,of course which is mandatory if you wish to get the pass.

In Auroville Information centre

In Auroville Information centre

A km walk to Matrimandir from visitors center, was through the woods. Visitors are allowed only till view point. You cannot to meditate inside Matrimandir unless you get permission a day prior. We clicked pics here and there, till around 1.30 pm when we left Auroville.

Matri Mandhir - Golden Globe

Matri Mandhir – Golden Globe

While lunch at pondicherry was the actual plan as we headed towards it, decision changed. Instead of going in to pondicherry, we went to Chunammbar -which is a backwater boating spot alomg “Paradise beach”.

On Way to Paradise Beach - Chunnambar

On Way to Paradise Beach – Chunnambar

After boating for some 30 mins,we were dropped on Paradise beach. It was a lovly time relaxing while taking pics there.
Then again a half an hour on boat back to Chunammbar. A call from my parents reminded me that it was already 5pm, time back to return to chennai.

In Paradise Beach - Chunnambar

In Paradise Beach – Chunnambar

In Paradise Beach - Chunnambar

In Paradise Beach – Chunnambar

We took the same route back to chennai. The climate was fantastic, setting sun against the backdrop of a colourful sky.

Suddenly something hit near my forehead! As I tried wipe it out ,it sting twice in my thumb. Shit!! It was a honey bee. Painful as the sting was, but the thill to ride ….slowly subsided the pain got reduced as I continued. In the progress,lots of small insects kept hitting me time and again as a few evn went inside my mouth. Evening snacks ah!!!

Still a ametuer rider as I am, I continued smoothly. Riding bike at night time on highway is womderful experience. You keep concentrating on the road, lots of curves , cars and bus speeding away. At a point I saw red and blue light flashing on my rear view mirror. Thinking it was an ambulance, i slowed down road, but it was a share auto with flashy red and blue light on it. Errrrrrr……….

While we are nearing mahabalipuram, it started pouring heavily. Completely dreched, but anyhow we managed till mahabalipuram where we took shelter in Adayar Anandhabavan food court, What can be better than a hot coffee at that time. It was already late, so we had our dinner there. By the time rain subsided a bit, we continued our journey back to chennai. To point out the rain only subsided but never stopped. It was around 11 pm when i reached home completely wet and super tired. I just felt like MUMMY movie where insects, water etc…brought trouble :p

Next morning I woke up with expected scoldings from my parents for coming home late drenced 🙂 But I know the day was worth the scolds!! It was such an AWESOME trip 🙂 🙂 And its a trip to remember for ever  🙂

Click here for the pictures.

This is how the boring planning phase of the trip was initiated, Its quiet a long time since we guys met. Jay and me had already planned the trip to pondicherry. Suddenly,this guy Praveen called us only to inform that he will be permanently moving to vishag. Without wasting a day, we persuaded him to join the trip. Thats how this awesome trip happened.