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Agam – Contemporary Indian Music Band

This is the 3rd post in my Contemporary Indian Music Bands Series and its about my yet another favorite Indian Band Agam.

Was sad that I wasn’t able to attend their gig yesterday so thought at least would write about them. The band name “AGAM” literally translates to “the inner self” in Thamizh. It is a Banglore based Carnatic progressive rock band which was formed in the year 2007. This band had played in many leading Indian Contemporary Music festivals like MAD Festival and Fireflies festivale.


Team Agam [Source : Wikipedia]
Sitting: From L to R – Jagadish Natarajan, Vignesh Lakshminarayanan, Swamy Seetharaman.
Standing: From L to R – Ganesh Ram Nagarajan, Sivakumar Nagarajan, Harish Sivaramakrishnan, T Praveen Kumar

One fine day I was damn bored, being an ardent fan of A.R.Rahman I randomly searched for “A.R.Rahman Band” on the web and I came across a video where Agam is featured as  winners of a band based reality show which was judged by A.R.Rahman sir himself. That is how I came to know about this band.

Agam Band Logo - Inspired by the folk art Theyyam of North Kerala.

Agam Band Logo – Inspired by the folk art Theyyam of North Kerala.

Their blend of both Carnatic and progressive rock gives a unique dimension and a great energy to their music. Their songs are full of energy and I can never miss them in my running playlists which would give me some extra push while I run. The following is their first song which I heard, which made me a fan of them.
Band Members

  • Harish Sivaramakrishnan – Lead Vocalist and Violin , I would say he is the face of the band and has an amazing energetic voice. I am a big fan of him.
  • Ganesh Ram Nagarajan – Drums and Backing Vocals , He is another face I could remember if think of the band.
  •  T Praveen Kumar – Lead Guitar.
  • Swamy Seetharaman – Keyboards and Lyrics.
  • Vignesh Lakshminarayanan – Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals.
  • Sivakumar – Nagarajan Ethnic Percussions.
  • Jagadish Natarajan – Rhythm Guitar.

Below is the YouTube playlist of some of my favorite songs of the band

Listen and Buy their maiden album “The Inner Self Awakens”

Official FB Page

Official Twitter

Witnessed Courage and Experienced Accident On Road

I just want to share a couple of Incidents happened on the road today, One I just witnessed and other I experienced.

Incident 1

I was routed to my friend’s home on my bike, On the way I saw a person sitting in a costly Audi Q7 littering an empty softdink carton on the road when the car slowed down near a signal. The carton fell near a girl who was riding her Activa, she slowed down her bike and picked up the carton from the road. She went near the car which was now waiting at the signal, I did follow her because I was curious what she is about to do with the carton. She knocked the door of the car and the windows slid down, Holding the carton to his face she shouted “Sir you had dropped something valuable on the road, I just want to return in back to you”. My jaw dropped seeing the courageous act by the girl. I could see embarrassment on his face, He got the carton from her hand and murmured a “sorry”.

Incident 2

After spending some time at my friend’s home I started back to my home. I didn’t even cross that street, felt my bike slip and skid out of my control. I fell down with my bike and was lying down on the road. It didn’t cause much damage because I was wearing a helmet and wasn’t riding my bike fast. With a bit of effort and pain I managed to stand back on my legs and realized that my bike got skid because of the pumpkin that was broken in the middle of the road. Then I removed those pumpkin pieces from the middle of the road and put it in the corner and rode back home. For the next two days please be careful while riding bike and look out for broken pumpkin pieces in the middle of the road. And people who break pumpkins as part of Ayudha Pooja rituals please don’t break them in the middle of the road, Make sure that broken pumpkin pieces don’t lie on the road and that would avoid many accidents.

Both the above incidents show how we don’t bother to casually litter on the road without worrying about the consequences. I wish this attitude change, and wish for a cleaner and safer roads.

Feelings Untitled – Me And The Mighty Lunar Beauty


The Mighty Lunar Beauty Image Source : Wikipedia

I woke up suddenly out of a nightmare at midnight,
Realizing its less scary than reality.
It was a romantic dream with a girl,
The girl who left me for various reasons.

My thoughts on her went so deep,
Recoiling memories both good and bad.
I felt pain intensify in my head and heart,
I broke out and start to weep.

After all my efforts to sleep back failed,
I Hoped some music would ease me out.
So turned on my player, To Inflame,
It randomly played her favorite song.

A sudden power outage hiked my rage,
More sweat oozed out of me like a grilling piece of meat,
And I heard my heart pound causing discomfort.
Wondered whether suffocation is same in hell.

I opened my netted windows to allow some air in,
Cool breeze rushed in with the soft light of the full moon.
I calmed down as I admire the mighty lunar beauty.
This time it reflected me rather than her.

You grow and shrink to the eyes of many,
But only few know you are same all the time.
You have dark patches and aren’t perfect either,
But to the contrary many adore you for your beauty.

Many admire you just for the light you reflect,
Which even wasn’t your own.
But only few reach you with will to know more,
To know really what you are.

Oh my moon, made me to realize so soon,
That you are more alike me.
In spite of my usual weirdness,
Few do love me, Don’t they ?