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A Dream That’s Lost Forever

I returned home after a usual working day. The moment I unlocked my phone, most of my WhatsApp groups were filled with news about your demise, I didn’t believe it  at once, I wished it was yet another rumour, but all the news channel confirmed the same with flash news. I felt sad with in, the air around me felt dense for a moment. I want to grieve for your depart, I searched for my childhood collection of your paper clippings, tough missed many while shifting home, lucky to find few intact. Like anyone who mourn or grieve, I wanted to cry looking at your pics, Instead I smiled. You are youthful and such a charm, aren’t you, You are like one nuclear reactor, full of energy and spreading the same.


Remaining of my Paper Clippings Collection of Dr Kalam

I got to know you during my school days, that’s even before you became president, thanks to my school library, librarian and my reading habit. Then you became president of India and more news started flowing about you. Your life, your actions to motivate students and your visions towards development of India inspired me as it did to many. You are bit different, aren’t you. While many leaders were busy extravagantly spending govt money in their personal, political and religious agendas, you went all extends and put all your efforts in reaching people with your ideas and plans to develop the country. While most of our leaders lost hope on indian youth and least cared about them, you motivated them and held them responsible for India’s future. Your humbleness, simplicity, hard work and honesty had made millions of Indians adore your irrespective of their differences and I am no exception. You might not know and you will never know (unless there is a heaven and it got internet connection) that I am your fan boy since my schooldays and you are my huge Inspiration. I always wanted to meet you, click a picture with you and get your autograph, but I never achieved much for that to happen. So, It’s A Dream That’s Lost Forever.

Not all get to do what they love, a few do. Not all get to die while doing what they love to, a very few blessed ones get to. Your death is one such, like a soldier who died fighting for this country, you fought ignorance, fought illiteracy, fought hatred, fought what not that stops the development of the country. You are such a selfless leader, we owe you, the country, it’s youth, the science community and everyone. The only way to pay you back will be by working towards the betterment of this nation together, by working towards your vision of developed India. A few are immortal, it’s just their body that disappears not their ideologies. Media might forget you once they get another sensational news, but never the youths and students of this country.  You will be remembered forever.

You have worked ceaselessly all these years, now it’s time to rest, Rest In Peace Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. This nation will  truly miss you Sir.