Small is Big – A Thought

In recent CBC meet i unintentionally uttered the words “Small Is Big” while introducing myself. Since then i was thinking too deep on it, How small can be big ? Is small bigger than the big ? and lots of other questions in me.

I have seen people who always want to achieve big and have seen them ignoring small happiness and small achievements. I am not saying not to aim big, but at the same time lets also rejoice those small moments of happiness, celebrate those small achievements. They act as motivational factor, they help you to forget pain, they make you smile. Never forget the people who did small help to you when you reach high, they might not have laid road and created a path for you, but their little hands would have saved you from stone and thorn on your paths.

Below is my answer for the question How “Small is Big”, tried to put some relevant images 🙂 and all images are taken from various sources and none of them are my own.

When small smile can force you smile back when you sad,
When small little drops of tears from your beloved make you feel,
Then Small is Big.

When small kid’s babble make you forget big worries,
When small pat on your back make you achieve big,
Then Small is Big.

When small thoughts could change you,
When small changes could bring big results,
Then Small is Big.

When small things teach you great lessons,
When small ideas could change world,
Then Small is Big.

When small sharing make feel togetherness,
When small caring heal big wounds,
Then Small is Big.

When small things together make big things,
When smallest thing in world is still a big quest for man,
Then Small is what makes Big.

When small help at time without expectation is bigger than everything else ,[Thirukural]
Then small is Bigger than the Big.


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